Why I Removed Photos of Value From Facebook

As an emerging photographer, I thought posting many of my better images on Facebook would be a great way to market my skills and improve SEO.  While that may be true, there is a dirty little ‘secret’ hidden in Facebook’s Terms of Service (ToS) that can exploit not only professionals, but anyone uploading intellectual property content to Mr. Zuckerberg’s juggernaut.

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New Poll: Apple iPad

OK, so now that the Apple iPad has been out in circulation for almost a month, one of the following is certain:

  1. You own one.
  2. You’ve heard about them.
  3. You just got back from a month-long visit to Uranus.

Apple iPadLove it or hate it, there is no question the iPad is a game-changer.  It will revolutionize the way people consume media and/or communicate with one another.  And it’s not just the iPad that will change things – a whole new generation of technologies will soon emerge that will likely change your life at some point. Hold on to your shorts.

So, in honor of this historic event, I’m taking a poll to see where everyone stand on this new device. Vote your choice below, and feel free to share this poll with others. I have a hunch about what the results will show, but I’ll wait a bit to reveal that, so I don’t skew the outcome.

And as they say in Chicago politics, “vote early, vote often”!

Blog Archives

My plan is to move from this temporary WordPress.com setup, to a more flexible WordPress.org arrangement with separate hosting and support for all the WordPress plug-ins and themes. This will also allow me to port over all the old blog entries to the new WordPress site with minimal labor. Hopefully.

Once the WordPress site has been tweaked, I am hoping to incorporate a PhotoShelter account, so I can set up a seamless area for viewing, purchasing and licensing any of my images. This will allow for fast licensing and purchasing of images for electronic use, as well as purchase and fulfillment of any print orders.

There is quite a bit of work ahead in completing the transition, so please be patient as you trip over the moving boxes and packing blankets.