Charlie Worsham – Auburn Hills, MI – 9.18.13

  For the last few months, I’ve been seeing the name ‘Charlie Worsham’ pop up in music circles and social media. So, I decided to see what all the fuss was about and checked out his August, 2013 release Rubberband on Warner Bros. Records. Not only did I immediately hear/see what all the fuss was […]

Little Big Town – Huntington Center – 10.04.12

A selection of my favorite images from the October 4, 2012 show at Huntington Center in Toledo, OH. As with the Eden’s Edge photos from the previous post, this Little Big Town set was part of the Rascal Flatts “Changed” Tour of 2012.            The full gallery of images can be viewed […]

Eden’s Edge – Huntington Center – 10.04.12

Back in about 2007, when my son was in the Music Business program at Belmont University in Nashville, he met a trio of musicians that were relatively new to Music City and needed some demo recordings. He did a few sessions with them over a period of a couple years and shared some of those […]

Little Big Town – DTE Energy Music Theater

Little Big Town - DTE Energy Music Theater

After a few months of distractions in other areas of life, I realized I haven’t posted anything about the last couple shows I’ve shot. So, here’s the first installment of Operation Catch-Up 2012. You may have read an earlier post of mine, 10 Years and 180 Degrees Later, about returning to DTE Energy Music Theater to […]

Last Summer on Earth Tour

The Mayan calendar seems to come to an abrupt end in late 2012, so why not celebrate the end of times with a summer music tour? Specifically, the Last Summer on Earth Tour.  

Little Big Town

Little Big Town

Little Big Town – November 18, 2011 – Honeywell Center, Wabash, IN As you probably know by now, my son works in the music business in Nashville. He has toured as sound engineer for several country music acts including Chris Cagle and Joe Nichols. Currently, he is approaching his one-year anniversary with Little Big Town, […]

Joe Nichols – WYCD Downtown Hoedown

Joe Nichols - WYCD Downtown Hoedown

May 13, 2011 – Detroit, MI WYCD-FM Downtown Hoedown               View the full image gallery here.  

Photos are Worthless

It is an interesting period in photography right now. Technological advances in camera bodies, lenses and software, along with a burgeoning social media revolution and widespread availability of training and tutorials, have all converged to make advanced photography available to the masses. That’s a good thing, right? Well, not so much.

Out With the Old…

Out With the Old...

A few weeks back, a realtor friend of mine asked me to photograph a couple of unique listings of his. He realized that the typical realtor-shot images of the interiors wouldn’t do these homes justice, and felt my skills with the camera could help generate more interest in these properties.

Sonia Leigh

But like any photog worth his salt, I couldn’t just sit through the warm-up act with my camera gear sitting idly by. The opener was a singer-songwriter from Atlanta named Sonia Leigh.

Hines Farm Blues Experience

First off, pardon the extended radio silence on this blog.  But honestly, I haven’t felt like there was much going on that would interest anyone. So rather than blab on about nothing, I chose to keep things on the down-low for a bit. A couple weeks back, I found out about a blues show / […]



Once again, I had the opportunity to hang out with my son and the rest of the Joe Nichols band and crew during a recent show in Ohio. Sure, I enjoyed visiting with everyone and shooting the concert. But I was also asked to shoot a few artist endorsement photos with several of the band and crew and various pieces of gear that they use.

More Avon

More Avon

When I started my last blog post “Avon Calling”, I had no idea it would end up where it did. So I ran out of room for some of the other text and images that I wanted share from Thursday night’s Joe Nichols show in Avon, Ohio. Don’t worry, this post will be like lunch the day after Thanksgiving – lots of unrelated leftovers that are still good after the main meal.

Avon Calling

Avon Calling

OK, I’ll admit it. This is going to be another post about me and a recent Joe Nichols show. But the angle may be a little different than what you might be expecting. And of course, I’ll throw in some visuals along the way, for those who get bored with all those silly words.

10 Years & 180 Degrees… The Conclusion

10 Years & 180 Degrees... The Conclusion

This year, Father’s Day was extra-special for me. I received a gift no amount of money could ever buy. Of course, 4 years of tuition payments to Belmont University didn’t hurt.

Why I Removed Photos of Value From Facebook

As an emerging photographer, I thought posting many of my better images on Facebook would be a great way to market my skills and improve SEO.  While that may be true, there is a dirty little ‘secret’ hidden in Facebook’s Terms of Service (ToS) that can exploit not only professionals, but anyone uploading intellectual property content […]

New Gallery: Earth Wind & Fire – June, 2010

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be granted the only photo pass for shooting Earth Wind & Fire at The Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre. This was my first time shooting at the venue and the first time shooting EW&F. I had a few things working in my favor for this show: 1. There would be a […]

Civil War Encampment: Photos

Civil War Encampment – September, 2008 – Images by Jon Diener It has been nearly 2 years since I shot these images, since I recently added them to my updated photo website, I thought I’d mention them again: The day began at 8am at Wildwood Metropark shooting participants in a Civil War encampment. History buffs from […]

New Gallery: Joe Nichols – Columbus, OH

Joe Nichols – Whiskey Dick’s – November, 2009 – Images by Jon Diener On a beautiful Indian Summer day in November of 2009, I made the 2.5 hr. drive to Columbus to hang with my acquaintances in the Joe Nichols entourage and shoot their live show. The venue was a small club there called Whiskey […]

New Gallery: Justin Moore

Justin Moore – Erie St. Theater – November, 2009 – Images by Jon Diener Here are select images from the Justin Moore show I shot last November at the Erie Street Theater in Toledo, OH. All of the images were shot with a Nikon D300 using two lenses – the 28-70mm f/2.8 and the 70-200mm […]

HDR Without the Drama

HDR Without the Drama

There is certainly a great deal of talk these days about HDR photography. Often I hear people carelessly inter-mix the terms “HDR” and “Tone Mapping”. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a method of capturing a wider-than-normal dynamic range of an image. In photography, this is often done by capturing a range of exposures and […]

Hummingbirds: The Lost Collection

Hummingbirds: The Lost Collection

Over the the last few years, I’ve thrown together many different temporary web galleries of my images. Some have been for client review, some have just been for personal use. Due to a lack of an organized web presence in the earlier years, I’ve scattered these temporary galleries around on the web, like those little […]

Blog Archives

My plan is to move from this temporary setup, to a more flexible arrangement with separate hosting and support for all the WordPress plug-ins and themes. This will also allow me to port over all the old blog entries to the new WordPress site with minimal labor. Hopefully. Once the WordPress site has […]

On the Road: Addendum

On the Road: Addendum

OK, I know that in the last post, I said that was the end of the story. And quite honestly, I thought it was. Last Thursday evening, I received an email from someone asking if they could use one of my Joe Nichols photos for a magazine. They had received a link to a small […]