Once again, I had the opportunity to hang out with my son and the rest of the Joe Nichols band and crew during a recent show in Ohio.  Sure, I enjoyed visiting with everyone and shooting the concert.  But I was also asked to shoot a few artist endorsement photos with several of the band and crew with various pieces of gear that they use.  These photos are typically used on a manufacturer’s website or in printed catalogs, showcasing their product being used by a touring musician.  I had done a couple of these (Egnater Amplification and Flatline Guitars) during my last hang with the JN gang and they were received quite well.

So, below are some of the endorsement images I shot that afternoon, after soundcheck but before the show.

Alcorn Case Endorsement
Wes with one of his cases by Alcorn
Armor Gold Cables Endorsement
Michael endorsing Armor Gold Cables
Digidesign SC-48 Endorsement
Chris with the Digidesign SC-48 Console
Pearl Drums Endorsement
Wes with his Pearl drum kit
Open Labs Endorsement
Dave and his Open Labs DBeat