Civil War Encampment: Photos

Civil War Encampment – September, 2008 – Images by Jon Diener

It has been nearly 2 years since I shot these images, since I recently added them to my updated photo website, I thought I’d mention them again:

The day began at 8am at Wildwood Metropark shooting participants in a Civil War encampment. History buffs from all over the region displayed authentic clothing, uniforms, weapons, and shelters, and re-created the encampments and activities one would have seen during that period.  The afternoon culminated in a skirmish between the Yanks & Rebs. I shot them from a hillside, while they shot each other. (Thanks to Art Weber from the National Center For Nature Photography for hooking me up with a prime vantage point for shooting the battle.) I managed to wrap up the day and get home before the skies opened up with torrential rains and gusty winds.