Spinning Even More Plates…

Well, hey everyone! The holidays have come and gone, and my musical world keeps adding projects. Here’s an update on what’s coming my way in the near future:

– Time Peace – I took over bass duties with this band in April of 2009. We play a variety of classic rock and pop from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, with a few other things sprinkled in.

– The Grape Smugglers – Slowly gaining some momentum, this ensemble shows a great deal of promise. Comprised of 2 guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and a horn section, the band is covering a fascinating spectrum of classic soul and R&B tunes, as well as some early rock gems, and some of the standout pop tunes of the 70s. Our first “official” gig was one set at a fall benefit in Waterville, but we had some great feedback from listeners.

– Hearts Afire – This is the Epworth United Methodist Praise Band.  I play with this group when my schedule permits. We cover many of the popular contemporary pop/rock praise songs, as well as a few classics.

– Fill-in & Sub Gigs – I played a few fill-in gigs with The Homewreckers in 2009, and hope to do more with this band in the future.  I’ve also started playing some fill-in gigs with Mt Fuji & the Eruptions, a good-time party band that covers all the bar favorites.

– Musicals – With spring just around the corner, the musical season is about get wound up. I currently have shows booked at Bedford High School, Whiteford High School, and Ottawa Hills High School (pending).

It’s been a challenge keeping up with everything, learning lots of new tunes in the last 6 months (over 100), and practicing. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Be sure to check out my gig schedule for details on dates, times and places.

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